Darfin Capital (“DARFIN”) is an organization that aims for excellence in providing quality investments, wealth management and execution services to a broad range of private, corporate and institutional clients in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the countries of GCC.

Darfin Capital operates under a license issued by Saudi Capital Markets Authority (“CMA”), and benefits from the financial backing and support of a selected group of local shareholders, an experienced team of industry professionals, and a close-knit network of strategic partners, business associates and allies.

Darfin Capital aims to achieve an ever-growing sectoral and geographical outreach through rewarding investments dedicated to help its clients in growing their capital and increase their financial results. DARFIN is keen to structure and manage a well-diversified portfolio targeting industries with high potential of growth in the GCC, MENA region, emerging, and developed economies.

Darfin’s Shari’ah-compliant products are tailored to respond to investors’ needs and expectations through innovation and integrity. They are primarily focused on private equity, wealth management, direct investment, venture capital, asset management, real estate, and financial advisory. Our internal and external research capabilities, reinforced with our networking, have played a vital role in further strengthening our position in the regional market.

Our decisions and actions are consistently met with the highest ethical and legal standards, we always aim to earn trust and keep our commitments to all our stakeholders.

We are unique, in spirit and in action, we live by the belief that the greatest value exists in remaining at the forefront of the industry curve.

Value creation
Exceeding client expectations – we are dedicated to meet and exceed client expectations of our services. Our approach to working with clients is based on value sharing, speed, discretion, flexibility and on delivering measurable results.

We operate according to Islamic Shari’ah principles. While we strive to achieve returns above expectation for our shareholders and investors, we also try to achieve the highest possible benefit for society we work in, guided by the noble Islamic principles.

Our clients, shareholders and employees are our stakeholders and we consider them our most important assets. We strive to exceed expectations in every aspect of our business.

We partner with our clients to create valuable long-term relationships, based on a mutual alignment of interests, offering the most suitable products and services.

We achieve excellence through our commitment to the highest standards of transparency and integrity in all our activities.

We consider trust, as measured through transparency and diligence in our dealings, to be the most essential value of our organization.